★JAMLIMMAT ★ One of the world’s brightest Dj and Producer From Spain.



JamLimmat is currently one of the most recognized artists worldwide
defendants and domestic producers. With more than 120 references in
Beatport, iTunes … He has signed some of the most important labels of the
electronics industry, Capitol Group (Virgin, Motown), Universal Music Latino,
Stereo Productions, Factomania, Nervous, Pacha Recordings, Kid Rec.
Twisted America, King Street, NYC PeaceBisquit, to name a few.
He has got 6 tracks in the top 10 sales throughout his long career and 18 in
the top 100, with some of their releases frequently used by great artists in
their sessions, Crazibiza, Riva Starr, Roger Sanchez, The Cubeguys,
Copyright, or the very Little Louie Vega. He is currently one of the official
remixers of Joachim Garraud Chris Willis, Juanes, Yoko Ono, Beyoncé,
Vassy, Crazibiza, Ultra Nate, Toni Braxton, Kat Graham …
With whom he has collaborated and got into the top 10 of Billboard their
remixes in 2014-2015, with his mix of Vassy, Crazibiza & Dave Aude –
Hustlin (JamLimmat Iberican Mix) and Yoko Ono – Angel (JamLimmat Mix)
numbers 1 in USA & UK in early 2015.

As a DJ he has performed at the best clubs in America, Europe and Asia,
Green House (NYC), Sky (NYC), The Guvernment (Toronto), Pure (Ottawa),
Centuryroom (Toronto), Blue Frog (Bombay), The Warehouse (Malta),
Space ( Ibiza), Sandsbeach (Ibiza), Queen (Paris), Cassarossa (Naples),
Tantra (Calcutta), BPM Festival (Playa del Carmen – Mexico), and a long list
of clubs for almost the entire planet .

His style is versatile but lately he has settled on a more sound Clubbing
ranging from Deep Tech with touches but never losing the groove that
engages the public from the outset.


JamLimmat es actualmente uno de los artistas mas reconocidos a nivel
mundial. Con mas de 120 referencias en Beatport, iTunes … ha firmado con
algunos de los sellos mas importantes de la industria electrónica como
Capitol, Universal, Stereo Productions, Factomania, Nervous, Pacha
Recordings, Twisted America y un largo etc.
Ha metido 6 tracks en el top 10 de ventas en Beatport y mas de 18 en el top
100 a lo largo de su carrera como productor, algunos de sus temas han sido
apoyados y usados en sus sets por artistas como Crazibiza, Riva Starr,
Roger Sanchez, The Cubeguys, Copyright o el mismísimo Little Louie Vega.
Es actualmente uno de los remezcladores oficiales de Joachim Garraud,
Chris Willis, Juanes, Yoko Ono, Beyonce, Vassy, Crazibiza, Ultra Naté, Toni
Braxton, Kat Graham …

Su remix para Crazibiza, Dave Audé & Vassy fue numero 1 en Billboard (
USA & UK) a finales del 2015.
Como Dj ha actuado en en los mejores clubs de prácticamente todo el
mundo como son Green House (NYC), Sky (NYC), The Guvernment
(Toronto), Pure (Ottawa), Centuryroom (Toronto), Blue Frog (Bombay),
Tantra (Calcuta), The Warehouse (Malta), Space (Ibiza), Sandsbeach Club
(Ibiza), Queen (Paris), Cassarossa (Napoles), BPM Festival (Playa del
Carmen – Mexico) y muchos mas a lo largo de todo el globo.

Su estilo versátil le permite ofrecer sets para diferentes tipos de publico
aunque últimamente se ha afincado en una linea House / Tech sin perder
nunca la frescura y energía en sus sesiones, las cuales enganchan al
publico desde un primer momento.

JAMLIMMAT – Dj, producer, remixer (Spain)
TGS / SONY Music, Peacebisquit Rec, Capitol (EMI, Motown), Sheeva Records
Kid Recordings, Twisted America, Stereo Productions, Nervous, Audacious Rec …Official remixer of Yoko Ono, Chris Willis, Olivia Newton John, Vassy, Kat Graham,Joachim Garraud, Juanes, Ultra Naté, Rich White Ladies, Dave Audé, Beyonce and many more.
ARAVAZA SPAIN AGENCY  www.aravaza.com
Email: jamlimmat@aravaza.com
Madrid Barcelona Ibiza  –  Spain.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alexander G.León
Phone : +34 635982369
Madrid  Barcelona Ibiza  SPAIN.

http://www.youtube.com/user/aravazadjagency www.aravaza.com https://soundcloud.com/a-r-a-v-a-z-a